To change the life of an

animal by giving it hope and to

help owners understand how to care for them


Founded by Carolyn Ripley in 2015, who currently serves as president, at Hands Helping Paws Rescue Inc, we are a 501c3 approved organization of caring, and like-minded individuals who share a unified goal.

Carol have always had a great passion for animals ever since she was little and chose the path of working with and helping animals any way that she could so it would only seem natural that Carol would start a rescue. Carol had an accident in 2010 which put me her in a wheelchair, she was told that she would never walk again. Because of her passion for animals she could not stay away from them and she started to rescue dogs and as Carol moved more and more leaning in the wheelchair and three surgeries later she was able to finally get up and walk the effort needed to clean and take care of the dogs made her physically able to walk so now Carol is paying back to the dogs what they deserve and helping them as much as she can. Our Rescue pulls dogs and cats from our local high kill shelter we also pull dogs that no other rescue will pull that are deemed for euthanasia because of illness or for some other reason and cannot be adopted such as biters or just too scared to socialize. If a person wants a dog they can contact Carol and we will get it for them. Text only 863-455-2133


Too often do we see the cruelty that animals face in this world, and we wish to do everything that we can to alleviate this suffering, and to provide those who are in need a loving, and safe home to spend the rest of their days. Here at Hands Helping Paws Rescue Inc  we are out there everyday striving to improve the world for these animals by finding suitable forever homes from them within our local communities. We are here to make the world a better place for these animals than what they may have experienced in the past. We are here for them, and we will help them as we can.

It is our goal to find homes for pets which no longer have a safe home for whatever reason. Sometimes a family can no longer afford to take care of a pet, or an individual may be off to a nursing home where animals are not allowed, and they do not know what to do with them. Whatever the reason, there are many pets within just our local communities, that are in dire need of a home to live in. Too many pets are left either on the streets, or in shelters where they will not receive the love and attention that they so deserve. What we do, is find local homes within our community to house these pets, and become their forever homes. We help prepare these pets for their new homes by cleaning them up, and getting them checked out by a veterinarian. It is our goal to find these pets the loving and caring homes that they deserve.


Carolyn Ripley

Founded by Carolyn Ripley, who currently serves as president, she is a very loving and caring person that wants to help the animals that are left behind by their owners because of eviction, illness, death or lack of money.


Christina Mullins

Christina is married and has 2 children which love the dogs. Christina handles the bigger dogs and specializes in pit bulls. Christina also does a lot of Facebook sharing and reaches out to help others with their dogs whether they need food or re-homing or medical.


Susan Pike Carter

She is the Cat Lady! She is always helping owners with sick or stray cats needing medical help. Susan also helped to pull several cats and kittens from several high kill shelters. She was able to find fosters, spay and neuter and adopt them out at adoption events. Susan does this totally from her heart and pays out of her pocket for expenses.


My rescue accepts dogs and cats that have been rejected, abused or injured. We give them unconditional love to get them back on their feet. When I started helping dogs I was in a wheel chair. I was wheelchair bound for 3 years never to walk again. With continued determination and never giving up with the duties of cleaning dogs and feeding them I was eventually able to move my muscles and with a double hip replacement was able to walk with a cane. The dogs were my therapy so now I will be theirs. I am very dedicated to the rehabilitation of these helpless animals. Most expenses are out of pocket. Many of these dogs and cats are severely traumatized and afraid of humans.

We take all situations. Many rescues only take in healthy ready to adopt out pets. We take in all problem cases. We also pull pit bulls and sick dogs from high kill shelters which many rescues won’t.


There are many things that one can do to get involved with helping our cause. We host various fundraiser that we are of course always looking for more help with, but if you cannot help financially there is always more that one can do. From spreading the word, to possibly volunteering, there is a great deal that one can help with. There is just so much work to be done, that we rely on the outpouring of community aid and support. There are many ways to help support our cause, and getting involved in general is the best way to do that.


We invite you to become a volunteer. Volunteers are the heart of our work. Their dedication and contribution is most valuable to us. People make the difference and the change. Their time and energy is what makes our work move forward and expand.


Are you looking for a non-profit internship? Non-profit internships are the best way to connect with your community, build valuable skills and strengthen your resume. Internships can help you develop your experience by learning the ropes from more experienced professionals.


We are looking for a location in which to put the rescue so that we are able to take in more animals and allow them to have immediate access to being adopted. We need 2 plus acres with a home. Once we are able to get a location we will have access to funding to build kennels and a cat sanctuary.

We are a 501c3 Rescue helping many homeless, abused, high kill shelter companion pets.

Hands Helping Paws Rescue works with other shelters in the area to help save lives.  We help abandoned, injured, neglected and abused pets.  We also offer help with medical expenses or food whenever funds allow it.  We will spay and neuter when available and place the pets into responsible homes.  Millions of animals are euthanized each year due to the lack of caring homes. Hands Helping Paws Rescue is run by volunteers and solely by donation. Your donations are greatly appreciated providing us with the funds to save more animals.

The most important part of our rescue is our fosters.  Fosters take  pets into their homes and offer love and re socialize them for a new life. Please consider being a foster so we can save more lives.



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